Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is made up of those who are most active in WGST, whether as researchers or teachers (or both). These individuals will be required to attend the Associate and Advisory Council meetings and will have an important role contributing to decisions crucial to program management. They also encourage students from their home department to be active in WGST. These individuals will be selected by WGST, and will include those who are already part of the Advisory Council that was started by Jennifer Orlikoff in the 2015-2016 school year.  

Advisory Council 2017-18

  • Lacey Bonar
    Graduate Teaching Assistant
    Center for Women's & Gender Studies

  • Betty Critch Parsons, M.B.A.   
    Executive Director,   National Center of Excellence in Women's Health 

  • Kristina Olson, M.A.    
    Associate Professor, Art History   
    Associate Director, 
    School of Art & Design