Student Highlight: Allyson Perry


Allyson Perry PortraitAllyson Perry was a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Center for Women’s & Gender Studies from 2011 to 2014. She graduated from WVU in May 2014 with a Master of Arts degree in history and a Graduate Certificate in women’s and gender studies and is now teaching in Marion County. Here is some news she sent us recently.

I am so lucky to have taught for the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies. My three years as a graduate teaching assistant prepared me for my job as a middle school teacher. I encourage my students to critically analyze all forms of texts, including print and digital media, and I work to develop an inclusive learning environment for all of my students.

Currently, I work as a 7th and 8th grade English Language Arts and Social Studies teacher in Marion County, West Virginia. My students may be young, but they live in an increasingly global world that introduces them to a variety of texts. Some of the same strategies that I used in my own WGST courses can be applied to teaching English Language Arts. In addition to cultivating critical analyses, I encourage my students to embrace many identities and experiences. For example, just this week we examined women’s roles in ancient Hebrew culture and applied their experiences to women living in current day developing countries.

With an interdisciplinary background provided by the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies, I am able to apply my skills to nearly any subject matter. I continue to teach online courses for the Center, and I am constantly developing my skills as a 21st century teacher. Whether I teach at the college or middle school level, the knowledge and experiences that I acquired through the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies have made me a more effective and well-rounded educator.