2015 Annual New Faculty Potluck

Hello Mountaineers!

The Annual New Faculty Potluck was held on September 3rd at the home of Delegate Barbara Evans Fleischauer and Bob Bastress to kick off the semester. The potluck provides an opportunity to welcome new faculty members to West Virginia University while presenting the warmth, heart, and pride Mountaineers share.

Delegate Fleischauer and her husband, Bob, are enthusiastic and devoted when supporting the advancement of the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies, as well as our community through activism, volunteering, and legislature.

With the mission of the potluck being to expand outreach beyond the Center and WVU, Barbara states, “People here are kind, loving and supportive. It is very important for us to show, early on, the good sides, the reasons so many of us love West Virginia, love Morgantown and love WVU.”

The potluck serves as a chance for the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies to exhibit our commitment to equality and inclusivity. Dr. Orlikoff, Director of Women's and Gender Studies, explains, “It’s through events like the potluck, that the Center is able to create relationships across the university. In such an interdisciplinary field, we strive to create a home for our remarkable students, hoping to build a supportive and encouraging community.”

In addition to being “tried and true, to gold and blue,” Barbara states, “It is important that new faculty members do not become isolated within their new department -- that they realize there is a wider community outside their department that is glad they are here.”