Upcoming Events


September 21st—Grand Opening of WVU’s new LGBTQ+ Center

 All are welcome to join us in the opening of the new LGBTQ+ Center at Hodges Hall, G-06 on Sept. 21st. Refreshments will be served. The Center will consist of a lounge area where students can do work or watch interesting documentaries! The center will also have a computer lab, meeting spaces, and a classroom. The Center also is in the process of building a library, so anyone with unwanted books pertaining to Women & Gender Studies please donate them to the Center! Also there will be a full-time staff member starting the 19th so that it will be able to be open more often. A  Women's Center will be added and connected to the LGBTQ+ Center too! The Women's Center will have it's own lounge area.


October 5th – Festival of Ideas

 This is a lecture series that spans the whole year and brings in a diverse groups of keynote speakers to engage the campus community in important issues. It is the the free exchange of ideas, knowledge, and the discovery of new and exciting ideas and possibilities. Charlotte Bunch will be this events keynote speaker as she is our Scholar in Residence. She will be presenting her Festival of Ideas/keynote address with Q&A on Wednesday, October 5th from 7:30 – 8:30pm.                                                                                              For more on Charlotte Bunch check out her Bio page. http://www.cwgl.rutgers.edu/about-110/founding-director


November 3rd is the time—Capsule reburial.

 In May we celebrated the 125th anniversary of the first woman to graduate from WVU, Harriet E. Lyon. One of the events was the raising of the WVU Women’s Centenary Time Capsule that was buried om March 20th, 1991. It’s opened every 25 years until the bi-centennial in 2091. The Capsule will be reburied with added artifacts on November 3rd


 November 29th—Women and Gender Studies Fair

 The 10th semi-annual fair is to be held in the Mountainlair Ballrooms from 3 – 6pm. Students enrolled in Women’s & Gender Studies courses will come to present projects related to their courses.

Written by: Samantha Thomas