Public Talk: Hooking Up and Campus Sexual Assault

On September 2nd there was a Public Talk, Hooking Up and Campus Sexual Assault in White Hall. This talk was about the recent rising topic of campus sexual assault and how research is being done on it. Dr. William F. Flack is a renowned researcher at Bucknell University, P.A., and has done extensive research and publication on this topic. His colleague is our very own Dr. Walter DeKeseredy, who is the director of our Research Center on Violence at WVU. Dr. DeKeseredy invited Dr. Bill Flack to come and share his research with students here at WVU.

Dr. Flack talked about his research that he has been conducting at Bucknell University for the past 10 years or so. He talked about how he conducts his research in such a hard and uncontrolled field. He also explained how he uses surveys to gather most of his information and the results of the research. He expressed how complicated the field is and how it’s very hard to find solutions to this huge, complex social dilemma. After an hour of lecture he opened the floor to a Q&A for the students, who readily took the opportunity to ask some great questions.

While there was no end-result-type of answer, Dr. William Flack did a marvelous job in sharing his knowledge of the topic and made the experience of the event quite enjoyable. He is truly a master of his field. 

Written by: Samantha Thomas