Lyon Tower Celebration

Thursday, October 20th was the Lyon Tower Celebration. This event was held to recognized who that hall is named for Harriet Lyon, the first woman to graduate WVU and as valedictorian of her class.

The wonderful celebration was held in the Blue & Gold Ballrooms. There were three banners that consisted of a timeline that followed women’s achievements here at WVU.

Dr. Melanie Cook was a keynote speaker in the celebration. She is a former WVU Student Affairs Administrator and a notable figure within the WVU community. She spoke about she pushed for all four Towers to be named after prestigious alumni, instead of just Towers 1,2,3 and 4. Dr. Cook stated that a Residence Hall is a home with an educational component, and the importance of how students should feel connected to the place they reside. By naming the Towers after former students, Dr. Cook said she hoped that the students would feel a sense of belonging. It was a radical idea at the time to not name a building after a monetary donor. Dr. Melanie Cook said that President Bucklew was in full support of the Tower renaming.

 Julie Marrow, the WVU Student Government Association President, also spoke about recent accomplishments of women on campus. She mentioned the accomplishments of Ginny Thrasher as well as the WVU Women’s Soccer team. Julie is also the first female in 16 years to be SGA President, as it’s been too long she said.

 Alana Zambori was the last keynote speaker. She is WVU’s Panhellenic Association President and presented a slideshow of sororities throughout their history at WVU. She talked about their history staring in 1908 and how it’s changed and stayed the same today.

 Overall it was a wonderful ceremony and continued the celebration of 125 Years of Women at WVU. The Time Capsule will be buried in Woodburn Circle at 2pm on November 2nd. Predictions will be complied an sealed in the Capsule, so tweet us at @WGST_WVU about your predictions for the next 25, 50, and 75 years of women at WVU!

Written by: Samantha Thomas