Upcoming Event: Women’s & Gender Studies Fair

The fall semester WGST Fair is coming up soon! It will be held in the Mountainlair Ballrooms on November 29th, from 3pm-6pm.

The Center is dedicated “…to the mission of creating, evaluating, and disseminating knowledge based on feminist scholarship.” The fair is a way for students to participate in that mission.

 Students who are enrolled in the departmental courses create projects are a combination of student-lead activism, research, and demonstrate feminist scholarship. It also demonstrates what they have learned throughout their class through group and individual projects.

Students display their projects through performances, multimedia design, videos, and art. This display is meant to not only demonstrate their knowledge, but also spread awareness of issues and create change within the larger community. Making the displays educational and interactive through audience participation help to show the audience what our department teaches and our mission on educating others.

Make sure to stop by the fair for an amazing experience and to expand your knowledge!  


Written by: Samantha Thomas