Graduate Certificate

Graduate Certificate

Any student admitted to a graduate degree program at West Virginia University may earn a Graduate Certificate in Women’s & Gender Studies. The graduate certificate will consist of 15 hours of graduate-level work in women’s studies, using those  courses approved by the women’s studies curriculum committee as primary or component courses for the program. Component courses are those where at least one-third of the course content deals with women’s/gender issues and where students have the option to focus assignments on women’s/gender issues. Students must show that they did, in fact, focus their assignments in those areas for the course to count for this certificate. The program is also open to WVU alumni and graduate students with the credential earned being a Graduate Certificate in Women’s & Gender Studies.

Certificate Requirements (15 credit hours)

        Six unique credit hours:

    • WGST 694 Seminar: Capstone (3 CR) or WGST 530 Feminist Theory (3 CR)
    • WGST 595/795 Independent Study (3 CR) OR an additional 3 credit course in your discipline that does not count toward your degree
    • Before the end of the certificate program, students will make a public presentation.


    • Up to 9 hours of women’s & gender studies approved courses may be double counted for a graduate certificate as long as the courses are at the graduate level (500 and above).  All of these courses may be in the same department as the student’s graduate degree program.
    • No more than two 400-level courses may be counted toward the certificate.
    • WGST 170: Introduction to Women’s & Gender Studies is not required as part of the graduate certificate program. If taken with a special topics graduate number, it will not count as part of the 15 hours for this certificate.


Contact the Center for Women’s & Gender Studies at 209 Knapp Hall (304-293-2339); for an appointment to discuss your program. Check in at least once a semester with the Center to update your progress toward completion of the certificate.