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Research Showcase

The Center for Women's and Gender Studies hosts a Semi-Annual Undergraduate Research Showcase every fall and spring semester! 

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To showcase our student's research work in WGST 170: Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies, this event is held to show university staff, faculty, and students all the great work being done at the Center for Women's and Gender Studies. 

Our students in WGST 170 are given the unique opportunity to work with their peers on a semester long project in a group setting. They are asked to select a topic relevant to women and gender studies and to be informed by their experiences in WGST 170.

students interacting
The students in WGST 170 come from a wide variety of backgrounds, which shows in their research projects. While many of them will have similar themes, it's fascinating to see the differences they are able to pick up on when presenting on similar topics. 

Work in the field of women's and gender studies is highly intersectional, which means our students work is too. Many students in women’s and gender studies double major in other fields such as history, psychology, communication studies, English, and other fields in the social sciences, humanities, and physical sciences; so their work reflects that. 

maddie diguillianEach student is in complete control of their topics and the content they put in their presentations. The goal is for the students to become an authority on their topic, so they often include all relevant information their audience will need to engage with the project. 

After presenting their projects to their section of WGST 170, the students then vote for the best projects to be presented at the showcase! 

Make sure to join us for the Spring 2023 Semi-Annual Undergraduate Women's ad Gender Studies Research showcase April 24th, at 2 PM in the Small Gold Ballroom of the Mountainlair. 


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