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Students in the Women’s and Gender Studies Program at WVU study diverse topics that cross academic boundaries and relate to issues in everyday life. We offer classes in fields such as sociology, history, English, political science, geography and world languages, which help students develop a well-rounded understanding of the world in which they live. 

The focus of women’s and gender studies is to consider how gender, class, race, ethnicity, ability, sexuality and age shape all aspects of women’s lives. It explores how society constructs the concepts of "femininity" and "masculinity" during different time periods and across cultures. Women’s and gender studies also encourages students to think critically and develop skills that will prepare them for careers in public relations, criminology, policy analysis, information technology, international development and many other fields.

The Value of Women’s and Gender Studies

Communication Studies

Studying communication studies and women's and gender studies simultaneously will help you make meaning in your relationships, families, organizations, media channels and social identities, including age, gender, social class, race and sexual orientation. 


Literary studies has been profoundly shaped by feminist theory, gender studies and queer theory. Earning a dual-degree in English and women's and gender studies gives you access to some of today’s most innovative and widely used approaches to literature.


Medical schools and graduate programs are increasingly looking for the kind of diverse, cultural knowledge that a degree in WGST provides. Double majoring in WGST or adding a minor can broaden your resume, build a background in women's health, build experience with diverse groups and cultures, and help you grow professionally and academically.


Media practice benefits from professionals who fully understand issues of gender representation in media and who can address persistent gender gaps in emerging technology   and media-related industries. Gender studies courses provide a strong background for research that informs and critical analysis of media content and ways of practice.

World Languages

France has a long history of producing feminist thought, from Joan of Arc to Simon de Beauvoir. Studying courses in both French and women's and gender studies allows students to develop and rich understanding of feminist theory and French culture.


“The Center for Women's and Gender Studies gave me the opportunity to address relevant political issues with a group of diverse, yet like-minded individuals. I believe my degree will aid me in all aspects of life. Since taking classes, I have been inspired to write and research issues revolving around women and gender studies. But more so, it showed me what a true community should look like.” 

– Elana Zambori, Women's and Gender Studies and English, 2017

“Being a part of the women's and gender studies program has taught me so much about the world around us and how feminism goes beyond having equal rights for men and women. I get to explore different topics that relate to women and or gender studies while learning a lot of things I didn't already know. I love this major and glad to have so many classes that are interesting and or fun to me under the program. Overall, this program is a perfect fit for me as a LGBTQ+ female.“

– Michele Lee, Women's and Gender Studies, 2017

"I was able to redirect my energy from wondering why my effort was not good enough to overcome my circumstance, to understanding why the barriers set in front of me existed, and how I could aid in disassembling them on a larger scale. The Center not only helped me understand where I fit into society; it gave me a community for fellowship and healing, while also equipping me with the necessary tools to engage in multimodal activism. The Center gave me a voice in place of my previous silence."

- Talia Betourney, Women's and Gender Studies, 2017

"As an interdisciplinary scholar, I have found ways to fuse my minor and major, I have written and presented papers on Native American masculinity, sexual and gender variance in Native communities, and gendered violence targeted towards Native American women. Fighting for social justice using education and academia is my life devotion."

- Katie Burgess, Women's and Gender Studies, 2017