Student Organizations

Student Organizations


Iota Iota Iota, known as Triota, is West Virginia University’s Honor Society for Women’s and Gender Studies.  Triota supports and promotes academic excellence, scholarship, activism, and community engagement.  If you have completed two WGST approved courses with a B or better (one course must be WGST 170), have a 3.0 GPA in those courses, and an overall GPA of 2.5, you are eligible to join Triota!

The Greek letter, Iota, represents the three goddesses Inanna, Ishtar, and Isis. Triota strives to maintain feminist values central to Women’s and Gender Studies: egalitarianism, inclusiveness, and diversity.  If you are eligible and want to join, please complete this application.

President: Zhoe Lesher,
VP Communications: Katherine Burgess,
VP Finance: Tami Dinh,
VP Programming: Alexandra Mullins,
Faculty Adviser, K. Nina Riivald,

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President: Jacob Klettner,
Vice-President: Laura Vasquez Lopez,  
Secretary: Mary Valdez,
Treasurer: Faisal Husain,