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The Center for Women’s and Gender Studies offers a bachelor of arts degree in women’s and gender studies, as well as a minor, and an area of emphasis for Regents B.A. students.  Many students in women’s and gender studies double major in other fields such as history, psychology, communication studies, English, and other fields in the social sciences, humanities, and physical sciences. 

The women's and gender studies major gives students a strong background that will prepare them for graduate study or job opportunities in a variety of fields. The program requires 30 hours in women’s and gender studies and related disciplines that include introductory and advanced courses.

The women's and gender studies minor complements many other fields of study and gives students a special edge in the job market. Students often find that a minor in women’s and gender studies contributes greatly to their major programs in psychology, communication studies, political science or journalism, to name a few. The minor program requires 18 hours of approved courses at the introductory and advanced level.