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Honors, Scholarships and Awards

Honors, Scholarships and Awards

Outstanding Women's and Gender Studies Senior and Graduate Teaching Assistant

These awards are given through the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences and the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies for exemplary work.

Carrie Koeturius Scholarship for Returning Women Students

“Carrie” scholarships were first endowed in 1987. This scholarship, worth $2,000, helps women who have interrupted their education to complete their undergraduate or graduate degrees. The award’s namesake, Carrie Koeturius, is a former Morgantown activist for women’s issues who came to WVU to finish her bachelor’s degree in social work. She has enjoyed great success as a conference and event organizer.

Sallie Lowther Norris Showalter Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Related Disciplines

This $2,000 award recognizes an undergraduate woman who demonstrates high mathematical/scientific achievement and commitment to social justice. One of the first women admitted to WVU in 1889, Sallie won the freshman math prize in 1890 and spoke eloquently for women’s rights to a higher education.

Winifred South Knutti Graduate Scholarship in Women's Studies

This $1,000 scholarship supports graduate work in women’s and gender studies and honors the first woman to receive a graduate degree (1898) at WVU. Funded by the WVU Loyalty Permanent Endowment Fund, it celebrates the first century of women’s education at WVU and the centenary goal of excellence through equity.

Velma Miller/West Virginia Alliance for Women's & Gender Studies Graduate Scholar Award

This $1,000 award supports graduate work in women’s studies and honors Velma Miller (1907-1996), a founding board member of the West Virginia Alliance for Women’s Studies in 1986.

Alma and Claude Rowe Excellence Through Equity Award

The Rowe award promotes access to education in Appalachia. It was endowed in 1991 by Eldridge and Rosaline Rowe and their son Larry Rowe on the occasion of the WVU Women’s Centenary, the celebration of 100 years of women’s education at WVU. The award honors the memory of Eldridge’s parents and Larry’s grandparents, Alma and Claude Rowe. The Rowes recognized the positive role that higher education could play in the lives of individuals, families and communities. Their legacy of treasuring and appreciating education lives through the generations which succeeded them and is reflected in this award. 

Judy Mossburg Fund for Student, Faculty and Staff Development

Founded in 1992 to honor a much-beloved Center office manager, the Mossburg fund assists faculty associates, staff, and students with their professional and women’s studies development across the campus. Awards vary.

Please note that all scholarship awards are subject to the availability of funds.