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The WVU Women’s and Gender Studies Bachelor of Arts degree program is a SpeakWrite TM Certified program. SpeakWrite certified programs incorporate and develop students’ written, verbal, visual and mediated communication skills across the curriculum.

SpeakWirte Graph

Large majorities of employers indicate that a recent graduate’s completion of various other types of applied and engaged learning experiences—such as a comprehensive senior project, a collaborative research project, a field-based project with people from other backgrounds, or a community- based or service learning project—would also positively influence their hiring decision. Nonetheless, with no more than 39% who say any of these would make them much more likely to consider that individual as a job candidate, these learning experiences all rank behind an internship or apprenticeship in their ability to influence hiring decisions.

Underscoring the importance they place on written communication skills when hiring, four in five employers also say they would be more likely to consider an individual as a job candidate if he or she had completed multiple courses that require significant writing assignments.